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Fashion or Style?

Did you know that fashion and style are not one and the same thing? That despite people mixing the two, and taking one for the other, there is a notable difference between the fashion and style? In order to become more fashionable and stylish, it is really important for you to understand each and the difference that exists between the two.

So, without further ado, we are going to explain to you how to pick one from the other so that next time when someone mentions either of these, you understand what they are talking about and are on the top of your game.

First thing first, and if you are able to understand this one thing, you have already done half the job of understanding the whole fashion world, Fashion is something that will fade sooner or later whereas style is everlasting and lifelong. Being fashionable would mean that someone is abreast of the current trends in the market which may keep coming and going, and implies that someone is a follower of whatever is decided to be in.

On the contrary, being stylish would indicate that someone has it in their personality to just be fabulous and impressive at all time and all places irrespective of how everyone else dictates the trend to be.

So, fashion is about what others (which may be celebs, ramp models or your colleagues etc.) are wearing. It might be their clothes, their bags, shoes and the likes of these. Style, however, goes beyond just these physical things. Remember your high school teacher who was though not always exactly following what was in trend, but still managed to look quite stylish because of the way be dressed of-so-professionally, and had an air about her, spoke like royalty, carried herself a particular way so much so that you, and probably all the others in your class, were in awe of how stylish she looked.

One might be a blind follower of fashion and trends, but still, if he is unable to carry what they have chosen to wear, or what they are wearing just doesn’t look like it was made for them, they will fail to come across as stylish and might end up looking like a mess.

To make it even more clear for you, understand that style is something that is unique to an individual whereas fashion is just following what the whole crowd appreciates and ending up looking like just the next person in the crowd. Fashion is all about going by the book and style is writing the book yourself, or.. at least a few chapters of it, if you know what we mean.

So what would you pick between the two? Fashion or style? This can be a bit tricky to choose. While following the trend is quite easy, building your own style and looking elegant is not and takes a lot of grooming and self-exploration. Still unable to make the choice? How about being fashionable and stylish at the same time. Yes, it is possible. We have done just the right work for you to enable you to incorporate both style and fashion into your personality.

At RangDe, we have come up with a non-traditional blog category, unlike any other platform, to help you out in figuring out the right style for yourself, in addition to providing you with a range of fashionable clothes and accessories. Through these blogs, we help you understand which fashionable article might be best suited for you, what colour, fabric, texture, proportions fit you as well as giving you some makeup tips, all in all, helping you to stand out in a crowd who is merely following the fashion trend.

Our versatile fashionable catalogue is here for you to choose from, so that you remain up to date with the fashionable trends, while our blogs are going to be just the right style guide for you to explore your unique style and elegance.

Personal style is very important to be fashionable in the true sense, for which reason we have come up in our blogs with some of the most important inside tips and tricks from our Style experts and professionals in order to equip you with the best of fashion and style knowledge armours. We want to help you be your own fashionista. Fashion could be over quickly (but worry not as our catalogues will be updated constantly with latest trends) but your style will last forever once you figure out what is best suited for you, which is exactly what our style catalogue at RangDe aims to help you with. So, next time when someone asks you what do you choose between fashion and style, just flip your hair back like the true diva that you are and tell them; Fashtyle.

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