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Know Your Style

Whether it is fashion or it’s style, it doesn’t just revolve around clothes. It’s not just a course of throwing a tee and a pair of jeans and you’re done. Where fashion is what is Inn, style is a world full of magic and enchantment, ready to be experienced and savoured in.

While we do not go around carrying the name of our personal stylist around, who said one cannot be their own stylist with a bit of guidance? And it’s not always about elite and expensive brands. It’s like being covered in Balenciaga from head to toe but no idea how to stand straight.

A style is within us, naturally. We just need to find it. Our personality and who we really are is actually our style. Whether it includes a bold look or soft, it’s within you and your nature. And to find it and wear it gracefully is to own it. Own it as you should.

As for fashion, it always fades. It is not something that represents you but a mere gesture of knowledge that you know what is going on in the world. Following trends and fashion is just like a lost puppy and not actually stylish.

People often confuse fashion with style when in fact it is nothing alike. And this my fellow readers is where the line is drawn where it indicates whether you are or have a personal stylist or not.

The magic within us is enough to light up the world, if only we know how it works. Similarly, owning and accepting your own style is magic itself. A wise soul once said, be yourself and then it’s time to see the magic and power you are capable of. Style can also be represented as the relationship with yourself.

So this is the very basics of being your own stylist. Or in other words “how to shop”. You can’t go running for a Dior or Balenciaga look when you have no idea what you are looking for. You can’t just grab a dress from the aisle just cause it looks good up there, no. Recognize yourself and recognize your style.

What’s Your Colour?

Let’s start with finding your personal colour. Did you know every person has a different personal colour? Whether you are summer, winter, autumn or spring. It may take days working out your own shading however trust me, it will be justified, despite all the trouble.


What body shape do you have? Or have you ever noticed what shape you have? Cause lets are honest, in a society we will in, very few are taught to be self-groomed and pay attention to themselves. It is not until a few years later when we realize that oh jeez, we weren’t taught this and that! Yep, some of us have to go through the dilemma. But don’t worry, we are here to help you out. Do you have an oval, pear, diamond or hourglass figure? Knowing the right one helps you choose the right and perfect clothes for your shape.

Again, remember this. You need to know what suits you. You can’t just go around buying what’s Inn just cause it is Inn. That’s like a lost puppy thing so you need to be focused and know what you are doing. Yes, knowing what you are doing and what you need to do builds confidence on a whole new level and helps in self-grooming as well.

Hairstyle And Makeup;

Don’t even think of spending your life with just one hairstyle. Or the weird logic of “new hairstyles don’t suit me” like give me a break! You won’t know until you try and this is why dress up games were crucial as a kid and is crucial as a grown up. Try, and you will never fail. Know the best hairstyles that suit you including makeup.

What goes well with your personality? Bold, elegant and gorgeous or soft, cute and angelic? The types go on and on, and I am going to write completely on this later. But for now, know what your signature style is.

Still, if you need any help, you can always email us or comment in the box below to consult. It’s all within you, ready to be unlocked.

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