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Top weird fashion facts that you didn’t know before;

Many people might consider clothing as a piece to cover their bodies, but the same dress can actually be a reflection of your personality. You can turn your simple dress into a style statement which not only you, but people would follow.

There is however contradiction in this belief. Some think that you need to put a lot of effort into becoming a style statement while for others, a simple shirt and trouser can serve enough to stand out in the crowd. Likewise, there are many other fashion beliefs that will leave you astonished. Let’s see what these are and get amused together.

  • High heels were not invented for women; This cracked us up, so hard. In a world where we see women flaunting their outfits and most specifically heels, it would be a shock to know that heels were invented and first used by men. Yes, you read it right. Go on! High heels were used by men to keep them stable while shooting at their enemies with a bow and arrow. In this regard, they weren’t sandals, but high heel boots invented to keep men from falling during the action.
  • Vintage garment or the second oldest garment; It would be surprising for you to know that the second oldest garment ie fashion history is a  skirt whose desi version is ‘lehanga’. There have been some variations in the oldest skirt but now you would understand that why is it considered as a vintage outfit. To relate it to the eastern culture, let us talk about lehenga here. They had been used with shorts shirts initially but as the fashion progressed they were worn with chuli and long shirts.
  • Dolls to showcase the new dress collection; Do you know till the 19th century, designers have been using dolls and dummies to showcase their latest clothes collection every season? Styling their hair, putting the makeup on them, the designers have gone through all of it.
  • The first logo ever for the clothing line; It is somewhat strange that the first ever logo of clothing brand was crocodile though crocodiles have nothing to do with the clothing collection except that the green color of crocodile can be incorporated into the dress. One of the French brand still uses you crocodile logo for their collection.
  • Pink for boys and blue for girls; No, you didn’t read it wrong. It is not long ago when the rule of ‘pink for girls and blue for boys’ came into being. Even in 1918, pink color was used for boys because it was thought to be more passionate and stronger. On the same note, the blue color was symbolic of delicacy and dainty girls tone. The trends have now been changed. You can see the pictures of any recent bridal shower and observe it yourself.
  • The royal color- Purple; This must not be new for many of you, but the purple color had been a representative of royalty since byzantine and roman empire. But, we wonder if you know the reason behind it or not. You would now know the secret. Tyrian purple dye was obtained from sea snails. It turned the fabric and threads of any clothing into gorgeous purple shade but the rigorous process to extract it and convert it in the desired shade was a rather expensive phenomenon. Hence, there was no choice left, and only the royal could afford it. Thanks to the technology that we don’t have to bear the royalty in the 21st century.

These are some of the bizarre fashion facts that we gathered to make your day. If you know of any, then do share with us in the comments below.

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