Style Guide

How fashion plays a great role in building up character:

Our clothing says a great deal. The way we carry it and present it is the key to who we are. If you’re dressing in a clean and sharp manner, this shows you’re dressing up on point. All that you wear is telling a story about you. Consider what it says about you when you’re dressing or grooming and whether it’s in line with the message you’re going to communicate. There is no such thing as right or wrong. Everything is about actual context. A tie can make you look trustworthy and traditionally rooted. In an investment firm, where customers want to know you’re serious about overseeing their capital, this might be important. But it can also turn out to be stuffy and resistant to change, which might be inappropriate for a tech company.

Dressing boosts your confidence;

If you learn how to wear the right pieces of clothing, your clothes will no longer bring you down. Yes, you’ve read that right, the right clothes can have a major impact on your level of anxiety and confidence in yourself. All the time, wearing casual and boring clothes can decrease your confidence directly and significantly increase your anxiety. If you’ve ever dressed better than you did once or twice before, you’re going to agree with me that your level of confidence was at its high point at the time. Sources of this trust range from the look full of admiration on people’s faces to their compliments. Seeing the reasons for getting started to dress well.

Your first impression on a person matters a lot;

There’s a reason why fashion keeps pulling the world’s big money and awe. It doesn’t matter if you follow fashion or think it’s meant for a certain gender, or feel you can’t afford to spend on the way you’re dressing. The truth of the matter is that the way you dress is highly valued in the way you are perceived and responded to. This is true not only in personal life but also equally in your professional life. Its a strong believe that outwardly reflects the way a person feels inside. Just wearing a great designer dress won’t make you a dominant force. Your personality, your sense of style, and how well the clothes fit the occasion will be critical to your impression. Your persona, your fashion sense, and how well the clothes fit the event will be critical to your impression.

The way you are dressed is the way you’ll be addressed;

The normal reaction of people at first contact to anyone whose dressing mode is far below or above the norm is to take a second look of admiration or revulsion first and foremost. It is until such a level of sanity is determined before others around the person can be comfortable. The way we clothe can determine how we are going to be treated that day. Just being you is the key to proper clothing collection. Don’t be in trends and don’t make your own fashion. But by the way, you dress and the way you live, you should decide what you are and what you want to express.’ Let it be for a positive purpose, no matter how you choose to act. Whatever dress you choose, let it be out of respect and not out of bewilderment. Our clothing must be decent, clean, coordinated and wrinkle-free at all times. Looking neat is not meant to go out and about, even if the clothes are free of wrinkles indoors. When exposing an intimate part of the body, no lady should be considered classy. Without your consent, no one can make you feel inferior, so dress up the way you want to be addressed.

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